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The owner, Kévin, was born and raised near Saint-Émilion (France), not too far from Bordeaux, where the most unique pastry was born, the Canelé. He decided in 2010 to move to Canada and offer gourmet French pastries at an affordable price.



The Canelé (also spelt Cannelé) is a gastronomic treat that can be eaten at any time of the day. It is made following the traditional way of baking, in copper molds. The baking process and the molds are what best dictate the results. The secret lies in getting the right temperature allowing the inside to slowly bake without getting too dry, all while keeping the outside caramelized and crunchy. The Canelé is a fastidious pastry to make… but quick and easy to eat!


We select only natural ingredients to make our products, our Vanilla is pure without any addition of artificial flavors. Our pastries are baked fresh to order, without the use of any preservatives. For most products the batter needs to rest few hours or even few days to develop an intense aroma, that's why we ask for a 48 hours notice.